The prices displayed in our App and on our Website already include taxes and fees.

However, some additional fees may apply under certain circumstances. These circumstances and fees are outlined below.

We have the right to charge these fees to your payment card under those circumstances. We always notify you when we charge a fee from you.

Refueling fee - 3.50 EUR / liter
If you return the car with less fuel in the tank than specified in the fuel policy of your rental, we will charge you for the missing fuel.
Extra cleaning fee - Up to 300 EUR / car
All Liigu cars go through standard interior and exterior cleaning and disinfection after every rental. If the standard cleaning is not enough to clean the car and Optional extras (like child seats), we may charge you for the cost of extra cleaning. The fee usually does not exceed 300 EUR. However, in case our cleaning fees significantly exceed 300 EUR, we reserve the right to bill you for the full sum of the cleaning required. This fee may apply when you, for example, smoke in the car, leave your trash behind or spill food or drinks in the car. The state of cleanliness is determined solely by Liigu.
Extra mileage fee - 0.25 EUR / km
If you choose to drive over the mileage limit, we will charge you for every kilometer that you have driven over the limit. You can find a mileage limit in the deal’s details when you book a rental.
Parking fees, road taxes, and toll fees - Determined by local authorities
You are responsible for paying all parking fees, road taxes, and toll fees incurred during your rental. If you do not pay them directly to the local authorities, we may either charge all such taxes and fees directly from your payment card or forward your contact information to the responsible local authorities so that they can charge you.
Cancellation fee - 100 EUR
We will charge you a Cancellation fee if the rental is canceled by you or Liigu less than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.
No-Show fee - Cost of three days of your rental, but not more than the full amount of what you have paid.
We will charge you a No-Show fee if you do not pick up your Liigu car at the scheduled pick-up time and do not inform Liigu of any delays.

If any of these fees apply, we will either deduct the respective amounts from your Security deposit or charge them from your payment card after your rental.

In case of traffic violations, we may forward your contact information to the local authorities if requested.

Liigu cannot be held responsible for any differences in the amounts displayed in our App and on our Website due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and other possible banking charges.