Table of Contents

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service contain crucial information about the Services we provide and the conditions that apply to using them. The Terms of Service constitute a legally binding Agreement made between Liigu OÜ and you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity, concerning your access to and use of the Services. Each time you book, rent, or drive a Liigu car, you confirm your agreement with our Terms of Service. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms of Service, you should not book a Liigu car and should stop using our Services immediately.

Please read these Terms of Service thoroughly before renting.

General Information

We are Liigu OÜ ('the Company', 'we', 'us', or 'our'), with the registered address Lai 11, Tartu, 51005, Estonia. Liigu OÜ is a platform for smart mobility services. We offer fully digital car rental through our App (the ‘App’) and Website (the ‘Website’) and other services that refer to or link to these Terms of Service (the ‘Terms of Service’) (collectively, the 'Services'). You can book a car either from our Website, from our App, or through our partner’s sites. However, in order to use a Liigu car, you need to install our App.

We may update our Terms of Service from time to time, and you are advised to check our Website or App to review any changes to these Terms of Service that apply to you. In case of major changes to our Terms of Service, you will receive an in-app notification and an email so that you can familiarise yourself with the changes and stop using our Services if you do not agree with them.

These Terms of Service, together with the appendices and your rental details, serve as your rental Agreement. You can view and manage your rental details in our App under More > Rentals by choosing the rental you want to manage from either the Current rentals or Future rentals tab.

In the event of any discrepancy between the English original version of these Terms of Service and any foreign language translation, the English version shall prevail.

Our Services

Liigu offers fully digital car rental Services. You can check the available cars and locations in our App or on our Website. You can use our App without logging in or signing up to search for available cars. However, in order to use a Liigu car, you need to create an Account.

Liigu Services are station-based, meaning that you pick up the car and return it to a specific location or area, such as an airport parking facility. Instructions for the exact pick-up and return locations will be displayed for you in the Liigu App.

Service Provider

The Service Provider may either be Liigu or Liigu’s local partner who is responsible for ensuring that Liigu cars are available to our users at the agreed times and locations. By booking a Liigu car, you enter into a legally binding rental Agreement with the Service Provider. These Terms of Service serve as the rental Agreement. The Service Provider for your specific Liigu rental is displayed in the Liigu App.

Scheduled Rent

Scheduled Rent is a type of service where you need to provide the desired date and time for using the car, as well as the intended return date and time. The advance notice time for Scheduled Rent depends on the car’s location and availability. You can see which cars are available for your selected time period by making a search on the Liigu Website or App. Scheduled Rent requires full prepayment by the user.

Car Subscription

Car Subscription is a type of Scheduled Rent where the cost of the rental is charged in monthly instalments. The rental period of a Car Subscription is typically longer than 45 days.

Car Make and Model

The cars listed on the Liigu platform can either be make and model guaranteed or those that are similar to the requested make and model, indicated by the phrase ‘or similar’.

In the case of the cars guaranteed by make and model, you will get the car displayed on the Website or in the App. The colour of the specific car may be different from the one in the sample picture.

If the make and model are followed by the phrase ‘or similar’, this means that the make and model of the car displayed with the offer is an example. You may get a different make and model, but with the same number of doors, seats, and similar luggage capacity.

In the rare case that the specific car or car category that you booked is not available when your rental is due to start, we will work with you to find the next possible alternative for you. Alternatively, we can refund you in full.

Creating an Account

To rent a Liigu car, you need to create an Account. For this, you need to download our App and enter your phone number. You will then receive a text message with a verification code to confirm your number. Once you enter the correct verification code in the App, your Account will be created.

In order to provide you with Liigu Services, we need to verify your identity, and that you are eligible to drive Liigu cars.

You must fill in the required personal details when making your first booking or in the App under More -> Profile. There, you can also view and manage your personal information.

User Requirements

Only verified users who are between the ages of 23 and 70 are eligible to rent Liigu cars by default. If you are younger than 23 or older than 70, you will go through an additional risk assessment during your ID verification and availability to some of our services may be limited.

Depending on the additional risk assessment, Liigu may authorise you as eligible to drive one of their cars, but you may be asked pay an additional fee or a higher deposit.

Additional Driver

Only a verified Additional Driver is allowed to operate the Liigu car assigned to your rental, and you are responsible for making sure that no unauthorised person drives it during your rental period.

  • Additional Drivers can be added during the booking process or during the rental period. To be able to drive, the Additional Driver must download the Liigu App, create an Account, complete identity verification, and have the main user complete the payment for adding an Additional Driver.
  • Additional Drivers must meet the same User Requirements as the Main Driver.

Additional Drivers must undergo identity verification. They must share their name, email number, and date of birth with Liigu Customer Support.

The main driver must ensure that the Terms of Service are being followed at all times while using Liigu cars.

Document Requirements

You need to have a valid travel document and a valid driving licence to drive a Liigu car.

Your travel document must be a passport or an ID card issued by a European Union member state.

  • If your driving licence is not issued by a member state of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, or Canada, you will also need an international driving permit.
  • Local authorities may have additional requirements for an international driving permit when coming from outside the European Economic Area.

You must have your driving licence and identification documents with you and be ready to present them to our staff or to the local authorities, if requested.

All documents have to be valid original physical documents. Please note that temporary documents are not accepted.

Identity Verification

To start the verification process, you must use our App to take pictures of the required documents and upload them at least 72 hours before your scheduled pick-up time.

  • You must take the required photos in the App either under More -> ID Documents, by following the prompt that appears in the App after your rental has been confirmed, or by tapping My rental -> Add documents.
  • You can view and manage your documents under More -> ID Documents.

You are responsible for keeping your personal information and document photos up-to-date. You can check your verification status in the App under More -> Profile -> Verification Status.

Photo Requirements

All the documents that you submit for verification must:

  • be in your name;
  • show your identity;
  • be valid at the time of verification;
  • be valid at least until you return the Liigu car.

The document photos that you upload must be:

  • clear and readable without any reflections or blur;
  • complete — displayed in full size without fingers or other objects blocking any part of the document;
  • taken on a flat surface — do not hold the documents in your hand;
  • original photos — do not take photos from a different screen or photo.


Your entire face needs to be visible. Take off your hat, face mask, etc. Religious head coverings such as hijabs, khimars are accepted as long as you are identifiable compared to your official documents. Regular transparent glasses are fine as long as they do not cause reflections on the photo. Take off glasses with dark or tinted lenses. Position your face in the middle of the picture, looking straight into the camera with your eyes open.

Verification Failures

Liigu reserves the right to refuse service to any customer who does not pass the identity verification. We also have the right to cancel your rental if:

  • you have not uploaded the required documents at least 72 hours before you are scheduled to pick up your Liigu car;
  • you do not meet user requirements to rent the specific car, e.g. due to age restrictions, or you have not held your driving licence for the required period;
  • there are reasonable grounds to suspect that your rental is fraudulent.

If we need to cancel your booking for any of the above-mentioned reasons, our standard cancellation conditions will apply.

Verification Validity

Once we have verified your identity, you will be considered a verified user, and you will get access to your Liigu car at the designated pick-up time and location that you requested.

Verified users do not have to verify themselves again when returning for their next rental.

Your status will remain 'verified’ until one of the documents you uploaded for verification expires. Once this happens, we will ask you to upload your renewed documents. We also need to verify your identity again when you change your name or date of birth in the App or upload new photos.

Personal Data Liabilities

By uploading the photos, you confirm that you have the rights to use those documents and images, and give Liigu the right to use, reproduce, and display them in connection with your use of our Website, App, and Services.

  • Liigu reserves this right until you continue to use our Website, App and Services, and this right applies to elements subject to intellectual property rights as well as to those relating to the protection of your privacy and your image rights.
  • We have the right to ask for additional information or documentation if it is necessary to verify your identity. In this case, we will contact you directly with the details.
  • If there are any issues with the documents you uploaded, we will get in touch with you and ask you to take new photos. We may also request a short video call with you.

Should Liigu suffer any losses, liabilities, or costs as a consequence of your actions, you will be fully responsible for all of these and obligated to compensate Liigu for them.

If we terminate or suspend your Account for any reason, you are prohibited from registering and creating a new Account under your name, a fake or borrowed name, or the name of any third party, even if you may be acting on behalf of the third party.

Confirmation and Contracting

Your rental will be confirmed once the payment is successfully made.

Your valid email address and active phone number are required in order to send you confirmation and important information about your rental. You must use the same phone number to log into the Liigu App and when making a booking through other channels. This is necessary to enable the syncing of rental details across channels and devices.

These Terms of Service serve as your rental Agreement. You can view and manage your rental details in our App under More -> Rentals by choosing the rental you want to manage from either the Current or Future rentals tab.

As a Liigu user, you agree to our Terms of Service when creating your account. The specific details of each rental, such as car details, pick-up and drop-off location details etc., are agreed upon at the start of the rental.

Liigu reserves the right to refuse any upcoming rental or terminate any ongoing rental due to threats to Liigu team members or property.

Pick-Up and Return of The Car

The exact location, make and model, colour and number plate of the specific car assigned to your rental will be available in the App at least 30 minutes before your rental is scheduled to begin.

You must start your rental at the scheduled pick-up time. If you do not pick up the car at the scheduled time, your rental will be considered a No-Show. Please see the Cancellations and No-Shows section for details.

Liigu is not liable for any delays or failed pick-ups caused by third parties such as, for example, shuttle services. Liigu is not liable for any delays caused by customer tardiness, and, consequently, the shuttle service may be unable to pick up customers who arrive late.

To be able to start driving Liigu car, you need to ensure, that:

  • you have the latest version of the Liigu App installed on your device (either iOS or Android);
  • you are logged in with the phone number you used at the time of booking;
  • internet access is available at the beginning of your rental for retrieving the digital key to your phone;
  • your phone battery has enough charge;
  • you have enabled Bluetooth on your device at all times.

The exact method of accessing the vehicle and starting the rental varies depending on the location and car. They may include:

  • using the App to unlock the car (default);
  • getting the key from a key box or from a member of our staff by the car.

When returning the car, you must park it at the exact location or area as instructed in the Liigu App and use the App to end the rental.

  • If you do not leave the car in the designated area, you will be responsible for all the costs associated with retrieving the car from the incorrect location. Additionally, you will need to pay an Unexpected drop-off fee as described in the Fees section.
  • Your rental cannot be considered finished until the car has been returned to the agreed-upon location, and you will be charged until the car has been returned in accordance with the instructions on the App.

If you fail to return the rental car by the agreed time and have not extended your rental, you will lose access to the car. If you return the car more than two hours late, you will be charged a Late Fee.

Car Condition

All Liigu cars are in excellent technical condition, cleaned and disinfected before being handed over to you. You are expected to return the car in the same technical condition and reasonably clean. Please see the ‘Extra Cleaning Fee' in the Fees section.

During the rental period, it is your responsibility to monitor the condition of the vehicle.

  • If any problems occur, such as the car requiring more oil or warning signs appearing on the dashboard, inform Liigu Customer Support immediately. We may request that the car be serviced during the rental period and you must deliver it to the service location specified by Liigu.

You are not allowed to modify the car in any way.

  • In case of any unauthorised modifications, all Liigu coverages become invalid, and you are fully responsible for all the costs of restoring the car to its original condition.

It is forbidden to smoke or use e-cigarettes in the car.

  • If someone smokes in the car during your rental period, you will be responsible for the extra cleaning costs it causes. Please see the ‘Extra Cleaning Fee’ in the Fees section.

Fuel Policy

The Fuel Policy specifies the required fuel level in the tank of your Liigu car at the beginning and end of your rental. Liigu uses Full to Full Fuel Policy, which means that you will always receive your Liigu car with a full tank of fuel, and it is expected that you return the car with a full tank as well. If you do not fill up the tank before returning the car, we will charge you for the missing fuel. Please see the ‘Refuelling Fee’ in the Fees section.

It is your responsibility to ensure you use the correct type of fuel in Liigu cars. If you use the wrong type of fuel, you will be responsible for all the costs associated with misfuelling.

Mileage Policy

The Mileage Policy determines the maximum number of kilometres/miles you are allowed to drive per rental.

Liigu rentals may have unlimited or limited mileage. The exact mileage limit is always displayed with the offer.

If you exceed the mileage limit, you will be charged an Extra Mileage Fee based on the number of kilometres/miles you drove over the limit.


Pets are welcome in Liigu cars, but for their safety, they must be kept in travel carriers at all times during the rental period.

  • Only service animals that accompany someone with a disability are allowed in the car without a travel carrier.
  • You are fully responsible for any damage and extra cleaning costs incurred as a result of transporting pets in Liigu cars.

Geographical Restrictions

If your rental started in Continental Europe, you are allowed to drive Liigu cars in the following European Economic Area countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and also in Switzerland. You are not allowed to drive anywhere else.

Liigu vehicles cannot be transported over water using ferries or any other type of vessel. If your rental started on an island, you can drive your Liigu car only on that specific island.

By purchasing the Cross-Bordering Extra, the driver gains permission to cross the borders into all EEA countries, except Iceland.

Crossing borders into another country is only permitted if you have added the Cross-Bordering Extra to your rental beforehand.

If Liigu detects unauthorised border crossing without the extra, you will be charged a penalty fee.

If you travel to a different country without the Cross-Bordering Extra, all Liigu coverages become invalid.

If Liigu detects that you have crossed a border into a restricted country, i.e., one not permitted under the Geographical Restrictions, you will be charged a penalty fee.

Please keep in mind that Liigu does not offer Roadside Assistance Service outside the country where your rental started.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with and adhere to all local traffic rules and regulations.

Payment, Fees, and Security Deposit

Payment Methods

We accept payments made by credit or debit card with an online payment function. We only accept physical payment cards; virtual cards are not accepted. You must bring your payment card with you and present it to a member of our staff for validation, if requested.

  • The card you use to pay for Liigu Services must be in your name. If it is not, you must be able to verify that you are a legitimate user of the given card.

We will charge the cost of the rental, including any extra services you have added to your rental from your payment card at the time of the booking. If you add any Optional Extras to your rental at a later time, we will charge the cost on the same payment card.

In the case of Car Subscription, we will charge the cost of the rental in monthly instalments from your payment card. The final instalment will be proportional to the number of days you used the car during the final month.


The prices displayed in our App and on our Website already include taxes and fees. However, some additional fees may apply under certain circumstances. They are outlined in the Fees section of the Terms of Service.

If any of these additional fees apply, they will be deducted from your security deposit or charged to your payment card after your rental.

You will always be notified when we charge you a fee.

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit will be taken from your payment card 48 hours before you are scheduled to pick up your car.

  • If your rental starts less than 48 hours after booking, the security deposit will be taken promptly after the booking is confirmed and your identity is verified.

In the event of any damage to the car during your rental, we will keep the necessary amount of the security deposit. If your rental is still in progress, we will take an additional security deposit from your payment card to ensure sufficient coverage. In the event of damage caused by a third party, we will hold on to your security deposit to the appropriate extent until the third party’s insurer has indemnified our damage.

  • If you have chosen the Zero Excess deal, the required security deposit amount will be significantly reduced. It will be used only for charging in the case of extra costs, which the Zero Excess policy does not cover.

The security deposit will be returned to you no later than 72 hours after you return the car, provided no unexpected expenses or claims have occurred.

  • In case of unforeseen expenses, Liigu may hold the deposit until the full cost of the expenses is determined. Once the final cost has been calculated, you will be informed of the complete amount and the portion of the deposit that will be returned to you.

Currency Exchange Rates and Bank Charges

Liigu transacts mainly in euros and it is up to you to cover any exchange rate differences and bank charges in relation to your rental (including your security deposit). Please note that the amounts displayed in our App and on our Website may differ due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates and possible bank charges. The payment currency is displayed in your rental details.

Campaigns and Liigu Points

At times, Liigu may run promotional campaigns for marketing purposes. Campaign offers may be available on our Website and App or on our partners’ sites. Campaigns are usually available for a limited time, as specified in the promotional materials of the campaign. You can learn more about the details of an ongoing campaign by contacting Liigu Customer Support.

Campaign terms will be explained in the offer or in the promotional material. By taking part in the campaign, you will agree to specific terms of the ongoing campaign, which may override parts of the Liigu Terms of Service.

We will reserve the right to end campaigns at any time without prior notice. If we have reason to believe you have violated the terms of the campaign, we may charge you for the full price of the Services subject to the campaign offer.

Liigu Points

Liigu may credit your account with Liigu Points, which can be used to pay for Liigu Services. Liigu Points can be received through campaign offers, cashback, or, in some cases, as refunds for using our services.

The points are valid for one year after the date they were added to your account, unless stated otherwise. The value of one (1) Liigu Point is equal to one (1) euro. Liigu Points cannot be redeemed for cash. You cannot transfer your points to other Liigu Accounts. The prerequisite for retaining and using Liigu Points is compliance with these Terms of Service. If you breach the Terms of Service, you may lose your Liigu Points.

Liigu Points can be used to pay for new bookings. These points can only be used via the Liigu app and through our Customer Support Team. Liigu reserves the right to suspend accounts or remove points if any activity believed to be abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the Terms of Service is detected.

Please note that if you fully or partially paid for your rental using Liigu Points and fail to pick up the car at the scheduled time without informing our Customer Support of any delay, the Liigu Points used to pay for your rental will be voided. Instead, the corresponding amount will be debited from your security deposit.


All Liigu rentals include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection (TP) and Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance.

This means you are covered in case your Liigu car is damaged (CDW) or stolen (TP). TPL covers the costs of any third parties to whom you may cause damage in your Liigu car up to 1.2 million EUR and up to 5.6 million EUR for causing death or physical injuries to people.

Coverage Exclusions

Coverage exclusions apply to all Liigu coverage products.

Liigu coverage does not cover the following:

  • damage to the wheels and tyres;
  • damage to car mirrors;
  • costs for the loss of car keys;
  • costs for any repairs that are not pre-approved by Liigu;
  • costs caused by using the wrong fuel and/or other fluids in the car;
  • taxi or other transportation fees;
  • road tolls, parking and traffic fines;
  • personal belongings or valuables;
  • damage to car locks;
  • Extra Cleaning Fees;
  • damage to the car’s interior (unless caused by a collision);
  • damage to or loss of car accessories such as number plates and wipers;
  • damage to or loss of Optional Extras, like child seats;
  • car theft if the physical or digital keys (your phone) are left in the vehicle or if due care and attention are not taken.

All coverage becomes invalid if:

  • damage or accidents occurred due to a violation of local traffic rules and other legislation;
  • you fail to provide documentation, like police reports, or if the damage is caused by your negligence;
  • an unauthorised person drives the car;
  • any persons are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, wilfully causing damage, being negligent, engaging in off-road driving, or driving in a careless manner;
  • these Terms of Service are breached;
  • any third party involved refuses the settlement of a claim;
  • you transport illegal or hazardous goods or materials in the Liigu car;
  • you use the Liigu car to participate in races or competitions;
  • you use the Liigu car to tow other vehicles;
  • you modify the car in any way;
  • you use the Liigu car to attain any kind of profit or rewards, such as renting it out to third parties, carrying passengers for money, giving driving lessons, etc.


Excess is the amount of money for which you are held responsible in case of damage to or loss of a Liigu car. This can include fire, vandalism, theft, and loss of use. It is the amount that you agree to pay in case of a claim on the car’s CDW or TP policy. The Excess is charged for each individual insured event. The exact excess amounts depend on the type of damage or loss, car type, rental location and the coverage package that you choose. The excess amounts are always specified in car details for every Liigu car offered in our App and on our Website.

Coverage Options

If you wish to eliminate or reduce your CDW excess, you can add Liigu coverage options to your rental. The options might differ based on your deal. Coverage options nullify or reduce the charges for damage unless the damage happens under circumstances that violate these Terms of Service. Please see the Coverage Exclusions section for details. Liigu coverage options do not cover any fuel- or mileage-related fees or traffic fines. You are still liable for any such costs, should they apply to your rental. Liigu coverage options also do not cover the theft of the vehicle. Liigu coverage options do not apply to drivers who do not meet the regular user age requirements.

Optional Extras

It is possible to add Optional Extras, such as child seats, and extra coverage, to your rental. The exact price and availability of these extras may differ depending on your rental location and the specific car. Available Optional Extras and their prices are always displayed with every Liigu car offer.

Extras are non-refundable once the rental has started.

If physical Optional Extras, such as child seats, snow chains or other tangible items get lost, damaged or dirty during your rental, you will be responsible for all the costs related to cleaning or replacing them. Physical Extras can only be added up to two hours before the pick-up. If an extra is needed after this period, please contact our Customer Support and we will try to find a solution. We cannot promise that we will be able to help with such a late request, but please note that, if successful, these extra efforts are subject to additional charges equal to our late fee.

Installing Child Seats

If you add child seats of any type to your rental as Optional Extras, we will do our best to pre-install them in the car to save you time. However, it is your responsibility to check the child seats and ensure that all security equipment is installed correctly and safely before driving off. Liigu is not liable for any injuries or damage caused by incorrectly installed child seats.

Incidents, Accidents, and Damage

Existing Damage

All Liigu cars are inspected for damage before being handed over to you. In some locations, the damage that we already know about is marked with small stickers.

It is also your responsibility to inspect the car for any existing damage before you start your Liigu rental.

  • If you notice any unmarked damage (scratch, dent, etc.) that you think we may have missed, please report it as accurately as possible to our customer support immediately, but no later than two hours from the start of the rental. If you fail to do so, Liigu coverage will become invalid, and you will be held liable for the damage.

New Damage, Accidents and Breakdowns

If your Liigu car is damaged in any way or breaks down, you must contact our Customer Support immediately for assistance.

If you experience any kind of technical problems during your rental or are involved in a traffic accident in the Liigu car, you must contact our Customer Support immediately.

  • You must inform us of any incidents immediately but no later than 12 hours after the incident has occurred.
  • If you do not report the incident within 12 hours, Liigu coverage will become invalid, except in cases where contacting us on time is impossible (for example, when seriously injured or ill).
  • We will instruct you on what you need to do next, and you must follow the instructions carefully.

If any repairs or replacements are needed, you must get consent from us beforehand.

  • We will not reimburse any unauthorised repairs or alterations to Liigu cars, and you may be responsible for covering the costs of restoring the car to its original state.

If there are any other parties involved in the incident, you need to call the police.

You must keep and forward to us all the related documentation if you wish to use any damage coverage provided by Liigu.

  • Please keep in mind that if you fail to provide documentation, like police reports, or if the damage is caused by your negligence or any other violation of our Terms of Service or local legislation, Liigu coverages will become null and void, and you will be responsible for all the costs.

Liigu also charges an Administration fee for handling damage cases.

Please keep in mind that damage caused due to your negligence or violation of any laws invalidates all Liigu coverage, and you will be responsible for all the costs. The approximate cost of car damage will be calculated according to Liigu’s damage estimation table. In case the repair costs of the vehicle exceed the amount calculated on the basis of the damage estimation table, Liigu is entitled to claim the difference between the estimated amount and the actual amount of damage. If a part, accessory or extra not listed in the estimation table has suffered damage or been lost during your rental or hidden damage caused during or in connection with your rental becomes evident after your rental, Liigu has the right to claim damages to the extent of the actual amount of damage suffered (incl. damage for loss of business).

Liigu is entitled to take the vehicle from the drop-off point to Liigu’s nearest service area. Please be advised that as soon as possible but not later than within 72 hours following the end of your rental period, Liigu will check the vehicle's fuel gauge and mileage as well as the existence of any easily noticeable damage without moving the vehicle. You acknowledge that the conditions in the parking place or facility, or the level of cleanness may not be sufficient for detecting minor damage. Therefore you hereby give Liigu the right to, at its own discretion, drive the vehicle to Liigu's designated service area or to a different spot chosen at Liigu’s discretion for the purpose of cleaning the vehicle and carrying out a thorough inspection of the vehicle. To the extent that these terms do not provide otherwise, you herewith assume liability for any and all unaccounted and unreported damage and injuries of the vehicle, which become evident as a result of such inspection.

If your Liigu car is seriously damaged, you can request a replacement. Liigu will make every effort to provide you with a replacement car within 72 hours of the request, where possible. Only Liigu can determine whether a replacement car is necessary and provide it to you if needed.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Service is available for all Liigu rentals within the country where you picked up your car.

Parking Fees, Traffic Fines and Violations

Our prices do not include parking fees. Any additional parking costs that apply at the start, during, or end of the rental are only your responsibility.

In case you need to return the car before the agreed drop-off time, notify our Customer Support immediately to avoid or reduce the potential parking fees.

  • If you have not notified us that you are ending your rental early, we will charge you for every hour of parking until the designated drop-off time.

You are responsible for all traffic and parking fines that occur during your rental period.

  • Depending on the local legislation of your rental country and how local authorities handle fines, we will either charge traffic and parking fines directly from your payment card or forward your contact information to the local authorities if requested.
  • We may also share your personal information with local authorities if they request it to investigate any potential violations or crimes.

Liigu may also charge an Administration fee for handling such cases.

Changes to Your Rental

Please contact our Customer Support Team if you need to make any changes to your rental after it has been confirmed. This includes but is not limited to changing your rental dates, the car, and adding Optional Extras.

Any changes to the rental details may also change the price of the rental because the rates effective at the time of booking and at the time of making the changes may differ. If you need to extend your rental, contact our customer support. However, we cannot always guarantee that extensions are possible.

If you need to end your rental early, let our Customer Support know as soon as possible. You acknowledge that the rental payments are non-refundable if you end your rental early.

If you have a Car Subscription, you can end it at any time during the subscription period. In case of an early return during the subscription period, you will be charged the sum of two months of your subscription fee, but no more than the remaining sum of monthly payments.

You can swap your Liigu car during your subscription period. To swap the car, let us know which car model you are interested in. It may take us up to 14 days to arrange the swap, depending on the availability of the model you requested. The cost of any monthly extras you have added during the subscription period will be deducted from the fee.

Cancellations and No-Shows


You can cancel your rental before the scheduled pick-up time by contacting our Customer Support or requesting the cancellation in the Liigu App.

The same Cancellation rules apply when you cancel your rental yourself or when Liigu cancels your rental for failing to comply with the Terms of Service.

If you cancel your rental at least 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time, we will give you a full refund.

If you cancel your rental less than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time, you will be charged a Cancellation Fee and refunded any amount previously paid that exceeds the Cancellation Fee.

If Liigu is unable to provide you with the car, we will make every effort to redirect your booking to another Service Provider. If an alternative cannot be offered, we will contact you and refund your payment in full.


If you fail to pick up the car at the scheduled time and have not informed our Customer Support of any delays, the rental will be considered a No-Show, and we will charge you a No-Show fee.

If you experience any delays, please contact our Customer Support immediately. We will do our best to keep your car for you if you are late, but we cannot always guarantee availability if you are more than one hour late. If the car is not available to you due to a late arrival, please contact us. We will try to find a solution for you. In this case, a Late fee will be applied. Please see the ‘Late fee’ in the Fees section.

Car Images

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

If you reside in the EU or in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you can file a complaint against us via the European Commission's online dispute resolution (ODR) services. For further information, visit their website.

If you live in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you can also file a complaint and learn about other options via your local chapter of the ECC-Net.

If you are from outside the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, you can file a complaint with the Estonian Consumer Disputes Committee. For further information, visit their website.

For further information on other options of dispute resolution, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Force Majeure

Liigu is not liable for any delay in meeting its obligations due to causes outside its reasonable control, including acts of God, riots, war, malicious acts of damage, fires, or electricity supply failure.

Ending the Service Contract

You can delete your Account in the Liigu App at any time if you do not have any ongoing or upcoming rentals. If you have any ongoing or upcoming rentals, you must end or cancel them before deleting your Account. Liigu reserves the right to end the Service Contract at any time if you breach these Terms of Service, any legal rules, or the rights of any person.